Adkins Heat Presses, why we no longer supply them

You may be aware that we used to sell Adkins heat presses, including Adkins Beta swing presses, which are popular especially among folk using laser transfers. 

We no longer supply Adkins presses, and we’re often asked why. 

We like to supply the best quality, most reliable heat transfer presses available in the UK, and in an ideal world this would include UK manufacturer Adkins, as we believe Adkins make swing away transfer presses that are among the best on offer.

We are supplied directly by the EU distributors when it comes to Clam Basic, Stahls Hotronix, Geo KnightFusion and Transmatic, however due to very long standing business relationships, we are not permitted to buy Adkins presses direct. Instead we have to buy via a competitor, and this proved problematic for various reasons, therefore we made the decision to stop promoting Adkins presses. 

If you’ve purchased an Adkins press from us in the past, don’t worry this doesn’t effect your warranty in any way, or our ability to provide you with support. 



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