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JelliSkin - Sublimation Blank Smart Phone & Tablet Skins. An Alternative to Blank Cases.

While sublimation blank cases are a fantastic product, there is also a market for those who want to personalise their smart phone or tablet while just giving scratch protection to the rear of the device rather than having a case.

Also, some people would be on the market for personalisation for their phone if it were not for the fact that they have a particular type of case that they wish to use (for instance Otterbox, Griffin survivor, and other specialist cases.

Jelliskin is a fantastic product which enables personalisation of just the rear of a smart phone or tablet, or the personalisation of an existing case.

They simply adhere to the back of either the device or the case, and they can be removed at any time without losing the adhesive, put back onto the Jelliskin card (or just stuck to a sheet of paper) and put back on the device or case at a later time.



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