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Orca Coated Durham Blank Dye Sublimation Mugs. Case of 36[Product Details]
Orca Coated Durham Blank Dye Sublimation Mugs. Case of 36


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Orca Coated Durham Style 10 oz* Blank Mugs for Dye Sublimation Printing. Dishwasher Proof. Case of 36 Mugs.

Delivery just £4.48 per case! (When purchased in multiples of 2).


Please Note - the Orca Coated Durham mugs are stamped on the bottom with the Orca Coatings Logo


We did initially revert to supplying a blank, unstamped Orca mug, however it was just causing to much confusion with people assuming we had sent the wrong mugs, so we have gone back to the stamped version.

If you do not wish to have the orca stamp on the bottom but you like this mug, then the stamp can be removed with a mild solvent such as transfer removal spray.

We have been using and supplying the Orca coated Durham mugs for several years.

The coating is a high quality dishwasher proof coating, the ceramic is white & the mug has a high quality gloss finish.

The edges are about as perfectly straight as you're going to get with a ceramic mug (if you put a ruler to the edge of the mug you'll see that the difference between the top and bottom is around 0.5mm which is very good), and there is not a tapering off at the bottom of the mug that you will see with some blank mugs.

Delivery (mainland UK) is £8.95 + VAT per 2 cases of mugs, for next working day delivery, within mainland UK. So when ordering in multiples of 2, this works out at just £4.48 per case. Please see the delivery info page for delivery pricing outside of mainland UK.

*10oz or 11oz?

What is classed as a 10z or 11oz mug is a bit of a grey area, and we recommend that you actually go by the dimensions rather than the capacity.

Going back several years, popular UK made mugs, namely the Tams Durham mugs (which were a very popular blank dye sublimation mug throughout the 90s and into the early noughties) were what most people regarded as a 10 ounce mug, and at the time blank mugs being imported into the UK were often a few mm taller and slightly wider, and this is what was initially classed as 11oz. So printers seeking a smaller more British looking Durham mug after the demise of the Tams mug, would seek "10 oz" mugs rather than the taller and slightly wider "11 oz" mugs.

These mugs are very similar in dimension to the Tams Durham mugs, and for that reason they're better regarded as 10oz, but the actual capacity of the mug would depend on exactly where you measure up to, and there is no EU guidance (that we have been able to find) which provides this information, so we cannot state exactly what capacity the mugs arel. For this reason we recommend that you look at the height and diameter of the mug rather than capacity.

Dimensions (approx): Height: 91mm
Outside Diameter: 80mm
Total Circumference: 256mm
Handle to Handle Circumference: 248mm

Pressing Instructions:

Temp: 180-190C
Time: 190 - 260 Seconds
Pressure: Medium - Firm

Temp:190 C
Time:190 Seconds
Pressure: Medium - Firm.

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
4+ £33.99
10+ £31.99

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