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Large Balmoral Bone China Mugs. Orca Coated. Case of 36.[Product Details]
Large Balmoral Bone China Mugs. Orca Coated. Case of 36.



Product Information
Pressing Instructions

Orca coated "large Balmoral" bone China mug for dye sublimation printing. Case of 36

These blank bone China mugs are substantially larger than their little brothers the standard Balmoral mugs, at 90 mm tall and 90mm wide approx (standard Balmoral mugs are 84 x 77mm approx). See the comparison below.

Large Balmoral Bone China Blank Mugs Dye Sublimation.

Large Balmoral Compared to Standard Balmoral

Please note, these blank bone china sublimation mugs are slightly too large for smashproof mug boxes, they will just about fit, but it's a tight squeeze, so it's not recommended.

180 - 190C

180 - 190 seconds.

Medium Pressure.

Do not dunk in cold water.

Please note. These instructions are a guideline only, and apply to the mug presses that we supply. You will need to test these with your own mug press, if you have not purchased one of our mug presses. We cannot guarantee that these approximate pressing settings will be correct for your setup.

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