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Orca Coated Balmoral. Fine Bone China Dye Sublimation Mug. Case of 36[Product Details]
Orca Coated Balmoral. Fine Bone China Dye Sublimation Mug. Case of 36



Product Information
Pressing Instructions

Case of 36 "Balmoral" style blank fine bone china mugs for dye sublimation.

While our standard 10 oz mugs are very popular, it's clear that there is a demand also for china mugs.

Some people just prefer to drink from China mugs, and we're informed that some people specifically prefer to drink tea from China mugs / cups rather than earthenware / ceramic mugs or cups. So we're now stocking  Balmoral style china mugs, with the Orca coating.
If you only currently stock standard mugs, why not try adding china mugs to your range and offering china mugs to your customers an an option, with an upgrade to the price.
If you retail online (as we do) you can simply add china mug as an upgrade offer.

Please note: These mugs are smaller than the normal 10 oz Orca mugs, so please make sure your mug press is suitable.

Approx dimensions: 84mm tall x 77mm outside diameter

Please Note - These mugs are not completely straight edged. There is a slight outwards taper at the top of the mug, and a slight inward taper at the bottom. If you need to print full wrap and full top to bottom, we do not recommend these mugs. We recommend that in order to reduce wastage and hair loss (i.e. to prevent you from tearing off clumps...), you leave a gap of at least 1cm at the top and bottom of the mug, and at least 2cm from either side of the handle.

180 - 190C

180 - 190 seconds.

Medium Pressure.

Do not dunk in cold water.

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