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Blank iPhone 5/5s cases - Plastic Edged - White[Product Details]
Blank iPhone 5/5s cases - Plastic Edged - White

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Product Information

Blank Iphone 5 Case for Dye Sublimation.

No jig required, no special equipment required - as easy to print as Aluminium business cards. If you have a heat press and a dye sublimation printer, that's all you need.

One peice, snap on, Plastic - with aluminium printable insert, and pre-applied 3M adhesive.

Insert and adhesive sheet included (adhesive sheet pre-applied, simply peel off the cover sheet).

Printing and pressing instructions:

**Please Note** all printing and pressing instructions are suggested based on what we have found produces the best results. You will need to test in order to get the best results with your own equipment, and you should not take these suggestions as exact instructions.

Cover with a teflon sheet and heat press for 50-60 seconds at 190-200C

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