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Teflon Sheet - 38 x 38 cm[Product Details]
Teflon Sheet - 38 x 38 cm

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Product Information

Teflon heat press sheet. To be placed on top of blanks when pressing, to protect platen.

38cm x 38cm (approx)

For use with dye sublimation printing and all other heat transfer processes, in order to protect the platen.

While it is possible to use disposable paper such as grease-proof paper, most people prefer Teflon sheets as a semi permanent solution.

Teflon sheets do need replacing every so often, so they're best regarded as a semi permanent / semi disposable item.

It's recommended that you check your Teflon between printing, for any dirty marks, ink & so on, and continually wipe your sheets so as not to transfer such marks onto your blanks.

Please note These sheets are slightly thinner, and lighter in colour than the brown Teflon sheets that we used to supply.

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