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100 x UK Made Smash Proof Mug Shipping & GIft Box. White[Product Details]
100 x UK Made Smash Proof Mug Shipping & GIft Box. White


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Product Information
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UK Made Smash Proof Mug Boxes - Mug Packaging & Gift Box in One! Pack of 100.

NEW LOWER PRICE - Same High Quality UK Made Boxes!


These are the original UK made smashproof mug boxes, made with high quality grade double skinned board with a high quality white outer so that the box doubles as a gift box as well as very sturdy smashproox mug packaging / mailers. Not to be confused with flimsy cheap flat pack gift boxes / mailer boxes.


Also, not to be confused with the cheaper imitations that are being imported into the UK and sold as the same product. 


We have been producing these boxes in the UK for several years, and we're still the only supplier of this original UK made smashproof box, and we're the only supplier currently who guarantee them as 100% smash proof. 


We stock these mug boxes in tens of thousands, and as they are made in the UK we can also produce quickly when required. Please see the quantity discounts for bulk pricing. 



This video was made in 2011, we have sold hundreds of thousands of these boxes since then, and we have only had two reports of a breakage using these boxes since then! It could be that other breakages haven't been reported, but these are a very sturdy, very high quality box, and there is nothing else quite like them, even though there are a few suppliers now claiming to sell the same "smash proof" or "smash resistant" box, which are not UK made, and are not of the same high standard.


These are made for our Orca coated Durham mugs, they fit most other 10 and 11 ounce mugs. If you order them and they don't fit your mugs, we will take them back and refund you, without any re-stocking fee.


External dimensions: (approx)

Width:145mm Depth:86mm Height:112mm.


Internal dimensions: (approx)

Width:106 x Depth:83mm height:100mm


Flat Packed Dimensions - 100 boxes: (approx)

Height:40cm. Legnth: 50cm. Width: 31.5cm


Weight : 90g (approx)


  • Save money and wasted time & effort, on replacing broken mugs!

  • Save money by not having to also stock mug gift boxes.

  • Save money on postage - under 500g including mug. (With our mugs).

  • Space saving Flat packed, and incredibly easy to fold when required.

No need to faff around wrapping mugs in bubble wrap, or putting in polystyrene inners with cardboard outers, or having to tape up or bag styrene boxes, just pick up one of these flat boxes, fold in seconds, insert the mug - and send.

These smash proof mug boxes will save you money in multiple ways, save money on replacing broken mugs, save money by only stocking one type of mug box - as these boxes are suitable also as gift boxes. Save money on more expensive less effective methods of protecting mugs in transit, save money on other packaging materials. Save time - time is money.

It literally takes a few seconds to fold one of these mug boxes, and no other packaging materials are required, which combined with how sturdy and safe they are, mand the fact that they double up as a gift box, makes this the no1 mug packaging solution in our humble opinion.

When we say they're smash proof, we mean it. We have extensively tested these boxes, by throwing them (with a mug inside) at walls, playing football with them (no headers), and launching them from a height of around 15 - 20 feet, onto our factory floor - No breakages!

These boxes fit most 8 - 12 ounce mugs, money boxes & 12oz latte mugs.

Mugs go in the box standing up (as if they have coffee in them - NOT lying down).

Very simple to fold - watch the video below

Please note. To prevent breakages in transit, do not dunk your mugs in cold water to cool them. This sudden temp change can cause hairline cracks (this is the "pinging" noise you hear when dunking) which will make the mugs more likely to break in transit. If you do dunk your mugs, dunk in warm water, or warm water which has cooled down to room temp - do not use tap cold water.

Click here for a free sample of our smashproof boxes.

You can save money on this item when you purchase several at a time. The table below shows the minimum quantities required to benefit from this offer, and how much they'll cost.

Quantity Price per unit
2+ £29.25
10+ £28.50
20+ £27.80

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