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Dye Sublimation Printing Packages

We supply Ricoh sublimation printers, with genuine Sawgrass dye sublimation inks, and the new Sawgrass Virtuoso printers co developed by Sawgrass & Ricoh.

The current models are the Ricoh SG3110DN A4, and the A3 Ricoh SG 7100DN, the Virtuoso SG400 A4 and Virtuoso SG800 A3.

What is so good about Ricoh?

Ricoh printers are reliable workhorse printers. They just work... They provide fantastic, vivid sublimation prints, great colour matching (thanks to the great Sawgrass ICC colour profile), and they rarely throw their toys out of the pram - which is more than can be said for certain more temperamental brands of printers...

We can leave a Ricoh printer turned off for weeks (over Christmas for example) in our demo area, and simply turn it on and carry on printing, no dried heads, no head cleans - no wasted ink...

That's not to say a Ricoh printer will never develop a problem of course, but it's actually remarkably rare, and if they do it's usually a simple fix.

What is so good about the new Virtuoso printers?

Developed as a joint venture between Ricoh and Sawgrass, the Virtuoso sublimation printers are the first small format dedicated sublimation printer for gift decoration. While previous printers were made for standard desktop printing and then utilised for sublimation printing, the Virtuoso printers have been made specifically for dye sublimation. What's more the Virtuoso printers come with the new cloud based sublimation design and print package "Creative Studio" , giving you access to a growing library of stock designs, product templates and product shaped masks, free cloud storage for your designs, and easy to use colour management.



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