8 Reasons to upgrade from Ricoh to Sawgrass Virtuoso

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 A4 and SG800 A3 setups look almost identical on the surface, and they cost more than the Ricoh printers with Sawgrass inks.

Virtuoso vs Ricoh

It’s understandable then, then that anyone just getting started in dye sublimation printing may wonder why they should invest in Virtuoso vs Ricoh, and why anyone who is already using Ricoh may think that upgrading to Virtuoso may not make sense. 

All is not what it seems however, and when you’ve read through the below points, you will probably come to the same conclusion we have, that in fact the Virtuoso printers offer a great deal more value for money even at the slightly higher cost.

Creative Studio Software

Exclusive to Virtuoso users, Creative Studio is a feature packed software package specifically designed for Sublimation printing businesses, and comes as part of the package when you invest in a Virtuoso system. 

Sawgrass creative studio.


It includes templates for just about every sublimation blank available (and the’re continually adding more), and an ever growing library of (commercial rights included) images (around 3,000 at present) and editable templates. 

Sawgrass creative studio template

Sawgrass have clearly put a lot of thought into what small giftware decoration businesses need to make their businesses more productive.

You can work from your laptop, phone or tablet from wherever you are, as long as you have a web connection. Free cloud storage is included, so you can simply save your designs for printing later, or send it to VPM (Virtuoso Print Manager). 

Sawgrass are continually improving CS, and the latest version includes the produce mockup maker, which gives you the ability to quickly and easily create your own own custom product mock-ups.

For example, after creating a design with a bag, as in the image above, you can click “product” and apply the same design to other products until you have a range of other products to show your customer:


Mockups in Creative Studio.


The benefit of being able to quickly create great looking mock-ups for your customers for proofing purposes and for product imagery is obvious, but Sawgrass have also developed this feature with a view to helping small business to increase sales.


bottle-stopperbar-blade1The images and text above are free stock elements within Creative Studio.

While you’re producing a mockup for one product for a customer, it’s very simple and quick for you to create a whole collection of other products using the same image, as a tool to enable you to sell more products to the same customers.

barrunnerThe image above has been made using a combination of free stock images and text from creative studio, and a background images from Flikr creative commons, photo credit Jennifer

Virtuoso Print Manager / VPM

VPM is the new RIP from sawgrass, which combines the best features of PowerDriver, Creative Studio Print Manager and WinProfile / MacPrigile ICC profile solutions into one, powerful & intelligent print manager application.  

Whether you’re using Creative Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Graphtec or Silhouette, VPM makes it easier than ever to get the best possible colour output & provides an array of production streamlining features. These include image and job nesting, hot folders, auto print, web to print workflows, palette manager and much more.

They’re continually developing and improving VPM too, with user input, meaning that it’s just going to get better and better over time.

In short, VPM is designed to make your sublimation printing production easier and more efficient than ever. 

Two year warranty with Virtuoso – all with one company. 

With the Virtuoso sublimation printers, you have a 2 year warranty which is all guaranteed by one company – Sawgrass. The confusion which used to occur with Ricoh printer warranty being with Ridoh, is no longer an issue. With Virtuoso you have the peace of mind of a fully inclusive 2 year warranty on your sublimation printer. 

Increased Resolution. 

The max print resolution with Virtuoso is 1200×1200 dpi, vs 600×600 with Ricoh. 

Faster Printing

Faster print speeds Virtuoso vs Ricoh at equivalent resolution settings. 

Higher Quality print Output

The new XY drive system offers improved dot formation and placement, leading to improved quality of print.

26% Wider Colour Gamut

The virtuoso has a 26% wider colour gamut, offering more vibrant colours and deeper blacks.

Better Economy

Thanks to higher density ink, the Virtuoso system offers lower ink usage than Ricoh of 25% over a set of cartridges. In addition, Sawgrass Virtuoso ink is 5% cheaper than Sawgrass Sublijet R ink, and have a 6 month longer shelf life.

Cheaper Alternatives Might Not be Cheaper…

There are cheaper alternatives to Sawgrass inks on the market, some which are just slightly cheaper, and some which appear to be significantly cheaper. 

The first thing to keep in mind when you’re deciding on which ink to go for, is that the ink cost only equates to around 1-2% of the value of the finished product on average. So with that in mind, we believe that quality, reliability, ease of use and after sales support, 

If you would like to find out more information about the Sawgrass virtuoso printers, or if you would like a quote for a sublimation printing setup, please email us, or give us a call on 01625 876949

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