Online Demo for the Sun Angel Laser Transfer Printing System

Watch the video below for an online demonstration of the new Sun Angel laser transfer printing system, for printing white and full colour onto black  / coloured garments.

It’s actually a very simple process, you set a colour swatch in photoshop and label it as something like “Sun Angel White” which is actually #CC0000 , red (simply because this colour brings the best combination of white ink from the two white toners), and then if you’re printing white only, you simply select this colour. If you’re printing full colour, you print the colour first, then put this print through the white printer & print the white.

In terms of the design side, you simply make a new layer & in this layer you select the foreground image and fill the selection with the colour #CC0000, this is then your white mask, so you hide this layer & print the colour, then hide the colour and print the white layer.

Creating the transfer involves simply laying down the adhesive sheet ontop of the printed transfer and running through a laminator, and then pressing for 30-40 seconds at 120-130 degrees C. You’ll need to experiment to find the sweet spot for you. With our Transmatic TS-74M we get the best results with 25 seconds at 130 C. This step is hot peel, so we put a fold in one corner of the adhesive sheet first to make it easier to peel. At the end of the heating cycle we simply peel away the adhesive sheet, in one smooth continuous motion.

Next we cut out the transfers, and at this point we trim the outside edge of the A4 paper to remove any white flecks which can transfer onto the garment.

Then to press onto the garment (which can be done later, you don’t have to press the transfer as soon as you’ve created it), the same time & temp again but this time it’s a cool peel process, so we leave it around 40 seconds to 1 minute before peeling.

At this stage you may find a couple of small bits of adhesive hanging off the print, these can be brushed away with fingers / finger nails, or carefully scraped off with a knife.

As you can see from the video above, the results from this process are fantastic, in particular the fact that you get a true white from this system, which is uncommon with laser transfer printing.

For more info & pricing see: Sun Angel Printers


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