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Geo Knight Heat Press – DK20S. Digital Swing Away Heat Transfer Press.

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The DK20S is a heavy-duty 16″x20″ (40.6 cm x 50.8 cm) heat transfer press, Geo Knights flagship and best-selling model, sitting comfortably at the top of the range of the Digital Knight manual desk top machines.

Geo Knight DK20S Heat Press.

This is a heavy-duty (and heavy weight at just over 90Kg!) piece of kit, with a solid steel welded frame & a cast iron clamping system – so it’s certainly industrial grade manufacturing equipment which is made to last.

This is the kind of equipment Geo Knight & Company are used to making, having started off around a hundred and thirty years ago making industrial equipment for the shoe making industry, and moving into heat transfer technology in the early 1970s.

Many years ago when we paid a visit to their manufacturing plant, one of the impressive things to us was that they were servicing presses which must have been in excess of 10 – 15 years old, which is something you wouldn’t usually expect with small format heat presses. 

The Heat Platen

The platen itself is 16 x 20 Inches (40.6 cm x 50.8 cm), is made of teflon coated solid steel, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Heating Element


Geo Knight SuperCoil Microwinding Heating Element.

The element used in the DK20S is the exclusive Geo Knight Digital Knight SuperCoil Microwinding heating element, which has been specially developed to ensure even heat distribution across the platen, and fast heating speed. Instead of just one metal rod in a U shape heating the platen, these elements feature a criss cross concertina shaped heating rod which ensures even heat distribution.

Threadable Bottom Table

Threadable Bottom Table.

As demonstrated in the video at the bottom of the page, garments can be threaded / dressed from the rear of the bottom table, allowing you to press the garment the right way up, instead of threading from the front of the table and having to press shirts upside down. What’s more, there are a variety of sizes of drop on bottom tables available, and Geo Knight are happy to make custom sized drop on bottom tables should you require a specific shape and size of drop on table.

Geo Knight Digital Control System

The back-lit digital controller gives the user precise control over the temperature, time and pressure. The controller features a large display with extra large digits (no squinting required) and the ability to store 70 pre-sets including pre-press and primary press settings for dual stage transfer processes,  makes the Geo Knight digital controllers one of the most sophisticated heat press controllers on the market. The controller also features user odometer settings, operator lock out, the choice of Farenheit or Celcius temperature display & adjustable alarm sounds. In the unlikely event that your digital controller has a problem, the controller is modular and can be simply swapped out within a few minutes.

Twin Table Shuttle Attachment

Geo Knight DK20S Twin Shuttle Attachment.

There is a twin table shuttle attachment available as an optional extra, which can be ordered at any time as an option to increase productivity. The twin shuttle table has two bottom tables, so you can load one table while the other is under the heat platen, and therefore get maximum productivity from your heat press.

Press Thick Products

The DK20S is suitable for thick products such as wooden plaques, with a maximum thickness of two inches.

In the video below, Aaron Knight (VP for Geo Knight) explains the pros and cons of swing presses and talks about the popularity of the DK20S for people wanting to print onto a wide range of products.

Compatible Processes

The DK20S can be used for a wide range of heat transfer processes including dye sublimation, vinyl, inkjet transfer, laser transfer, pre-made transfers & decals, crystals and rhinestones,  embroidered appliques and more.

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For free delivery, enter the discount code “heatpress” at checkout. (The delivery price will still show, but you will see a discount equal to the delivery cost)


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