NEW – Monster Mug, 6 in 1 Fully Adjustable Digital Mug Press.


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Monster Mug Press – Fully Adjustable 6 in 1 Mug Press.

Featuring Full Collect and Return / Swap Out Warranty on Entire Press Including Heating Element! *

The new Monster Mug press is a dual adjustable mug press, meaning that rather than a single pressure screw applying pressure from one point, there are two separate pressure adjustments, one either side, allowing for fine tuning in order to get perfect pressure distribution. 

The Monster Mug press can press the following:

  • 1.5 ounce shot glasses
  • 2.5 -3 ounce espresso mugs 
  • 6-10 ounce mugs 
  • 10-15 ounce mugs
  • 12 ounce Latte mugs and plant pots
  • 17 ounce Latte mugs

All the above heater bands are included. 

Our digital mug presses don’t have the two different heat settings, requiring you to press the button and wait for the heat to climb to the second temp prior to pressing – ours just have one temp setting, you simply set the time and temp, and away you go.

ThermWIRE™ Heating Technology
ThermWIRE™ is micro-wire heater element technology using 0.5mm diameter high resistor Nickel-Chrome Alloy, for reliable heat distribution.
Digital Controller Digital control panel for temperature and time, and enables you to save your time and temperature settings.

*Warranty Information:


1 year collect and return warranty, on all parts including element! Meaning that if you have a problem with your mug press, we will have it collected, repair it and send it back to you.  Alternatively if the repair is something very simple  and doesn’t require specialist fitting, we can just send you the part to swap out, if preferred. 

Swapout warranty.  If you have a problem with your mug press within 30 days, we will simply send you a replacement and collect the other press. 


If your heat press requires repair after 12 months, we will only charge you for the price of the parts required, and collection / delivery if required. 

Please note that the 12 months warranty on parts, includes all parts which are  not susceptible to wear. The heater band is susceptible to wear, and comes with a 6 month warranty which excludes wear. This means that if the heater band is not visibly worn, and it appears that it is a fault rather than wear which has caused it to fail, then we will replace the heater band under warranty. If the heater band is visibly worn on the other hand, and we can see that the band has failed simply due to wear, then replacement  band will be charegeable. We do not charge for labour.


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