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Introducing the SunAngel OKI 63TW Professional A4 Laser Transfer Printer


Single Pass White and Colour Printing!

Sun Angel 63TW Pro A4 Laser Transfer Printer

New for 2018.

Available from W/C 16th of April 2018


If you’ve been searching for a high quality, profitable and affordable solution for producing Tshirts and other garments, including 100% cotton dark coloured (including black) garments – your search has just ended…

The SunAngel OKI 63TW is a professional grade Oki laser transfer printer, capable of high quality logo, graphics and photographic prints onto a wide range of garments.


For just £999 plus VAT, the SunAngel 63TW gives you:


  • The ability to print high quality images onto hoodies, Tshirts, jackets, hi-vis, bags, aprons & much more – Single pass white and full colour printing.
  • The potential to address multiple markets including workwear, clubwear, band merchandise, own brand, stag & hen, promotional, personalisation, and more.
  • Starter toners capacity for up to 2,000 garments * with the starter set of toners! (Just multiply this by your average profit per garment to see how much profit you could make from this machine, at a media cost from £1.20 per A4 sheet!)
  • Two great laser transfer media options, from £1.20 per sheet – and compatible with other media.
  • Drum capacity of upto 30,000 prints!
  • Professional internal features, such as individual drum units, and lift out fuser unit.
  • Great durability and wash fastness
  • No weeding out
  • No cutter plotter required!
  • Print rip included


 This estimate is based on 20% coverage, with small logo prints 10 to an A4 sheet. The actual output will depend on actual coverage and transfer size. See Laser Transfer Printing Costs with SunAngel.



Please note – While there is a cheaper version available, the 33TW – we very, very, very highly recommend that you opt for the pro version.


This isn’t because we want to sell you something which is £300 plus VAT more, but because you’re getting such a higher value with this option.


The 33TW is a great laser printer at an unbelievable entry level price, but with the 63TW, out of the box it has the potential for 100% more output, at only 43% additional cost.


But, when you look at the replacement toners, this is where the additional value really lies. With the 63TW you get 300% more output, for 18.5% LESS per set (as the toners for the 63TW are larger and cheaper).


Also, thinking long-term, the 63TW drum units have a capacity of upto thirty thousand prints before they need to be replaced – the 33TW being a lower grade printer aimed at smaller volume printing, has a drum unit with a max print volume of 8k before being replaced.


Furthermore, the 63TW is simply a much higher grade laser printer than the 33TW, it’s more substantial, it’s built to last – so all things considered, it is the best choice in our humble opinion.


The 83TW is on the same professional level as the 63TW, but with A3 print capacity. Due to the increased entry level of A3 vs A4, it’s only really worthwhile considering the A3 version if you are going to be producing prints that are larger than A4.


If you’re not sure, our opinion is that it’s better off to start off with an A4 printer along with a heat press capable of A3. This way, you can make the decision to upgrade to the A3 laser transfer printer at a stage where the A4 printer has paid for itself, at which point you can decide whether to keep both the A4 and the A3, or to sell your used A4 printer. The 63TW, being a high grade laser printer with high volume capabilities, is likely to do quite well when it comes to value retention on the second hand market.


Printing With SunAngel Laser Transfer Printers

Printing with the SunAngel laser printers is no different to using any of the (much more expensive) laser transfer options on the market.


In a nutshell, you produce your image, open it in the RIP included (Prip) print it onto the media sheet, place this onto the adhesive sheet (also known as a B sheet) – heat press and hot peel in order to create the transfer.


The transfer is then ready to be heat sealed onto the garment, which again is a simple press, but this time a cool peel – and to ensure maximum colour fastness, we recommend another post press after applying the transfer.


Professional Results at an Affordable Price

The goal of SunAngel was to produce a laser transfer printing system for garment and giftware decoration with the same great quality results, but at a more affordable setup cost, in order to make garment decoration via laser printing more accessible.


The results you will be able to achieve with this setup, will be just as impressive as other options on the market, some of which are not quite so accessible due to the setup costs.


A Note About Heat Presses


You need a high quality heat press for laser transfer printing, due to the heavy pressure required, and the importance of even pressure and heat distribution.

We have tried pressing laser transfers in the past using budget heat presses, and it just doesn’t work.


We would recommend Stahls HotronixStahls FusionGeo Knight DK20STransmatic TS-2M or an Adkins Beta (we no longer supply Adkins, but they are very good heat presses, particularly the Beta range).


If your budget means you need to look at used heat presses, the Adkins Beta presses do come up quite regularly, they’re well built so they can be a good investment second hand. Just make sure it’s a beta, and not a studio – as the studio are not recommended for high pressure applications.


For more on heat presses, see our heat press guide.


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