Temporary Basket Issues – Avoid Them by Using Edge or I.E

Unfortunately an old issue with our website has reared its ugly head – the basket issue.

This is an intermittent issue which only crops up with certain customers, and we’re currently unable to get to the bottom of the issue. What happens is you’ll add items to your basket, click the basket to check out, and the items in your basket have disappeared! Very annoying, we know, and we do apologize if you have been plagued by this problem while trying to order from our website.

We managed to fix it at one point, but it has come back with a vengeance!

We’re in the process of building a brand new improved website on a much better ecommerce solution, but in the meantime, the way to avoid this basket issue if you encounter it – is simply to use Edge, or Internet Explorer if you don’t have windows 10.

Whatever this issue is, it has never been reported so far in these two browsers, it’s mainly Firefox and Chrome that seem to be affected. We suspect that the issue is probably happening with users who have particular types of extensions installed, which would make sense given that it only affects some customers using Chrome and Firefox while other customers order using these browsers without an issue.

We are working hard on the new website, but in the meantime please consider using edge (or I.E if you don’t have edge) when ordering from our website in the meantime.

By the way, if you think that Microsoft browsers are no match for the likes of Google Chrome – see this recent article by Mashable – what it shows is basically that without any extensions, Chrome is faster than Edge (Edge is the new default Microsoft web browser that comes with windows 10, replacing the problematic Internet Explorer), but not a great deal faster – BUT, once you start adding extensions to Chrome, as most users do, edge becomes the faster browser.

Although having said that, Microsoft are introducing extensions, and these will probably have have the same impact on Edge, meaning that Chrome will still be the faster browser. But, still, from what we’ve found – Edge isn’t a bad browser at all, and is far better than Internet Explorer.

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