Using the new website

Hello, and welcome to the improved website!

We’ve kept the same design, so it looks almost identical to the old website, but it’s on a new, much better platform – so all the issues customers were experiencing on the old website are now a thing of the past. 

We do fully expect teething problems though, so if you do experience any issues, please email us or phone 01625 876949.

How to use the new website.  Step 1, register. 

Just click here to register – if you had an account on our old website and you want to be able to access your older orders, please ensure you use the same email address.

You can register as you’re placing your first order, if you like – but if you register first (which just means entering your email address and setting a password) this means that if you do have any issues placing your first order, we can log in to your user account, check what’s going on, and put the order on for you if needs be.

Step 2. Place your first order. 

The first time you place an order on the new website, you will be prompted to add your billing address, and a shipping address, if different. You’ll notice there is no shipping option, but once you add your address, the shipping option will show, and by default it will be next working day courier delivery, but if you’re local and plan to collect your order, you can just change the option to “collecting”.

Accessing orders

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to see any of your recent orders (on the new website) by clicking “Your Account” in the navigation at the top of the website, and then clicking “Orders”. 

To access your previous orders on the old website, click on “Archive Orders” . 

Repeat orders

If you place regular orders for the same products, simply click “Your Account”, then “Orders”, click the order you’d like to repeat, and then click “order again”. 

Out of stock items

A nice feature of the new website, is that when an item is out of stock, you can select to be notified when that item comes back in stock. 

Just click this green icon when you see it, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address, and you’ll then get an email as soon as that item comes back into stock.

Browser Cache

The one thing we’ve noticed about our customers who have problems with the website, is that when we ask them to look at their browser history, they usually have a TONNE of data stored in their browser cache. This isn’t good for you, it’ll slow your browser down, and it can mean that you have problems with websites due to updates which have been made to a website since the last time you accessed it. 

It’s generally regarded as good practice to clear your browser history regularly, including browsing history, download history, cookies & other site data, and cached images and files. 

In Google Chrome, the shortcut to history is Control & H, you then click “Clear browsing history” on the left hand side panel, and usually the top four items will be ticked, which is Browsing history, download history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files.  Most people won’t want to delete the rest on this page such as passwords and autofill data, so it’s worth just checking that you’re only ticking the top 4.

For doing this in other browsers, see: 


We’ve had some teething problems, which we’ve ironed out so far, but we fully expect to find more things to fix, so if you notice anything at all which doesn’t work correctly, or which you think is a pain and should be changed, please do us a favour, and email us to let us know. 


Welcome to the brand new website!

You'll notice it looks almost identical, but we've moved to a new, much better platform.

Step 1: Click Here to register on the new website. Don't worry, you can still access all of your orders on the previous website.

Step 2: Order as usual.

That's it :-)
For a guide on using the new website, including how to find your old orders click here.

Thank you for your support

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